viernes, 18 de abril de 2014

A budget visualization using mexican data

A BUDGET VISUALIZATION USING MEXICAN DATA Mexico is a Federal Republic organized in three political and administrative government units: municipalities, states and federal government. Within the federal government there are three independent powers: executive, legislative and judicial. Fiscal years in Mexico start on January 1st and end on December 31st. Each year, previous the end of the fiscal cycle, on September 8th the executive power through the Ministry of Finance presents a budget proposal to the legislative power that includes a portfolio of investments in public projects and programs. The budget proposal must be analyzed and if necessary modified in order to be voted and approved before November 15. The proposal is presented in a paper version and an online version, both with large amount of documentation in PDF and spreadsheet files. Visualization Proposal to Enhance Decision Making The management of large amounts of information can be difficult and sometimes the presentation can affect the use of its content for different stakeholders such as congressmen, who take decisions on a deadline, the media or the CSO's who want to have incidence in the public policy debate. Therefore, the main purpose of the Visualization we developed is to enhance the accessibility of information for a comprehensive understanding of Mexico's federal investment portfolio allowing different stakeholders a straightforward observation and understanding of the data, so the decision making process can be improved. Sources of Information We use public information from the approved budget’s investment portfolio published by the Ministry of Finance’s website to build a pooled database (PD) from the years 2006 to 2013. The PD contains historic information in Spanish from the 51 branches that compose the Federal Government, including the Executive, Legislative and the Judicial Powers. (Autores de esta colaboración: Juan Carlos González Ibargüen, Jaime García Gómez, David Carpy Gutiérrez y Federico Cortés Cortés)

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